Courier On Electric Unicycle Flees Police To Deliver His Food On Time

Traffic police officers encountered a young food courier driving recklessly on an electric unicycle last week in Brno-Černovice. At the intersection of Olomoucká and Tržní, they noticed a fast-moving electric unicycle in the dark, but the 27-year-old driver was not too bothered about the traffic regulations, or the police right behind him. Credit:

Brno, Dec 20 (BD) – The police patrol observed the rider weaving in and out of traffic and trams, endangering not only himself but other road users. The police officers tried to catch up, but the agile unicycle managed to slip away, reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h in some places. When the police caught up with the young man, they overtook him and tried to stop him with their beacons. 

But even then, the unicyclist still had other ideas, and simply drove around them and continued. It wasn’t until the second attempt that the young man, who had a phone in his hand, understood what was happening and finally stopped. He told the police that he works as a courier, and had to travel fast to bring hot food to hungry customers. This argument did not help his case with police officers, and will now have to pay a large fine in administrative proceedings.

Electric unicycles are personal transport vehicles with a self-balancing device. They are allowed to move on sidewalks or cycle paths, but only at a speed comparable to walking. Users are advised to learn the relevant laws in advance so they are not surprised on the road.

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