Brno City Transport Company Records CZK 160 Million Losses, But Completes All Scheduled Projects

 Investment by the Brno Transport Company (DPMB) into improvements for passenger safety and comfort rose to almost CZK 1.5 billion in 2021, including track reconstruction, purchase of new vehicles, and repair or installation of stops. All in all 5 kilometers of repaired tracks, 42 new vehicles and 23 new public transport stops were completed. Credit:DPMB

Brno, Dec 30 (BD) – Almost 5 km of tram tracks were finally reconstructed this year after being in use for 30 years. DPMB commissioned new tram superstructure, grate and anti-noise elements on Lesnická (582m), Jugoslávská (225m), in Starý Lískovec (1890 m), at the crossroads at Semilasso (350 m) and on the Komárov and Zemědělská loops, totalling 4.8 km. The new 1415-meter Plotní tram project was also completed at the end of June after three years. 

Work has also continued on the construction of a tram line to Campus Bohunice. The 619-meter tunnel has been roughly completed, including extraction of soil, foundations have been built for the final station in front of Brno University Hospital, and the first section of tracks has been laid. The total cost of this year’s work on the Campus extension was CZK 650 million. The new section will come into operation at the end of 2022. The total cost of DPMB’s construction investments in 2021 was CZK 837 million.

In 2021, the DPMB fleet grew by 42 new vehicles. Whether buses, trolleybuses or trams, the new vehicles all have low-floor access to assist passengers with impaired mobility, and air conditioning to make travelling more comfortable in the summer months. The fleet in Brno has increased by 13 Solaris articulated buses, 20 Škoda 27Tr articulated trolleybuses and 9 Drak trams. Two of these projects will continue next year, with another 20 trolleybuses of this type and 7 Drak trams. The total expenditure for new vehicles this year is CZK 582 million. 

As well as purchasing new vehicles, DPMB also repaired some older ones. The central workshops managed to modernize three Škoda 13T trams, in operation since 2007, and will continue with six more next year. Repair work also included 4MT café trams, which DPMB will complete next year. The trams will be equipped with completely new interiors adapted to the needs of rentals, with audiovisual equipment, removable tables and refrigerators. The appearance of the vehicles remains the same. DPMB has also expanded its collection of retro vehicles with a Karosa ŠM11 bus. Vehicles of this type carried passengers in Brno in the 1960s-80s.

DPMB has also installed 23 glass shelters at public transport stops in 2021, including a roof to protect against rain and, depending on space, side panels and benches. As a result, waiting is now more comfortable for passengers at Grohova, Česká, Hrnčířská, Šumavská, Lesnická and Tomanova. The total cost of building these shelters was CZK 9 million. Installations will continue next year at Krematorium, Brechtova and Filova, among others. Boarding islands were also constructed at six tram stops, including Hrnčířská or Běloruská. Next year DPMB will continue work at Šumavská and Pionýrská.

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