CZK 14 Million Allocated To Expand and Improve Network Of Routes For Cyclists In South Moravia

Yesterday, the South Moravian Regional Assembly approved a CZK 14 million subsidy package to increase cyclist safety and expand the network of cycling routes in South Moravia. As well as increasing the opportunities for cycling in the region, the plan is designed to further stimulate tourism. Credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 13 (BD) – The assembly also approved a further CZK 3 million in subsidies to maintain the condition of cycle paths and cross-country ski trails in South Moravia. The goal is to keep bike paths and cross-country ski trails clean and safe. The program also covers the maintenance and ensuring the safe passability of singletrails and their surroundings.

“It is important for us that there are enough quality, easily-accessible cycle routes in the region,” explained Deputy Governor Jan Zámečník. “Many people can then use them to commute to work, school or services instead of cars, which will help nature and at the same time be safer than using busy roads. We are also happy to support tourism, South Moravia is an increasingly sought-after destination thanks to recreational cycling.” 

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