Czech Theater Presents “B. Proudew” – The English Premiere of Czech Classic “Hrdý Budžes”

Hrdý Budžes became an instant hit on its premiere in 2002, and has only ever been performed by the same three actors. Now, Brno’s Czech Theater will present the English-language premiere, in a must-see show. Photo credit: Czech Theater.

Brno – 16 Jan. (BD) – Remember when you were little and starting to understand the world of adults, but some things still confused you? Graffiti. The true identity of the person who brought you Christmas presents. Song lyrics. Reproduction. The whispered conversations of your parents as you fell asleep.

Irena Dousková’s novel Hrdý Budžes was an immediate hit because of how well it captured this universal part of growing up and beginning to interpret the adult world, sometimes getting it right… and sometimes hilariously wrong. Even the book’s title [in English, B Proudew] comes from a misunderstanding. Set in the early 1970s against the backdrop of “normalization”, the play also offers people who are interested in Czech history a view of that time through the eyes of a young girl living through it.

Since 2002, the funny, bittersweet story of eight-year-old Helena Součková and her friends and family has been brought to life on the stage by just three actors, with one actor playing Helena and the other two playing all the other roles. The play has been performed by those same three actors to sold-out theaters for nearly 20 years. It has not been performed professionally by any other theater group.

The cast of Czech Theater… only the second ensemble to perform the play. Photo credit: Czech Theater.

Czech Theater is an amateur multicultural community theater. Despite being amateurs, the performances are presentations of dedication and talent, and discerning Brňáci know to get tickets early, as almost every show is sold out in advance.

Czech Theater’s goal is to make Czech plays accessible to non-Czech speakers. One of Czech Theater’s founders, Anne Johnson, explained, “We based our adaptation of the play on Melvyn Clarke’s excellent translation of the novel. This will be the first time the play is performed on stage in English, and it will also be the first time that Czech audiences have the opportunity to see any other actors in the roles. It’s really a huge step forward for us, and we hope people will enjoy the incredible work our actors have put into making Czech theater more accessible to a wider audience.”

Czech Theater usually performs at the more intimate Music Lab, but this time the performances will be at Co.Labs, at Kounicova 22. The theater is larger so that more people can see the play without feeling crowded. Performances are January 29&30, February 5&6. Tickets are available at

[The Czech version will be playing at Polivka Theater on January 31; it’s already sold out]

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