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Number of Foreigners Living Illegally In The Czech Republic Increased by Almost 60% In 2021

According to the Czech Police, 11,170 foreigners without permission to remain were detected in the Czech Republic in 2021, an increase of 58 percentage points from 2020. Measures related to COVID-19 continued to have an impact on illegal migration in 2021. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, Jan 18  (BD) – By region, the largest number of foreigners living illegally were detected in Prague (3,663), followed by South Moravia (992), Central Bohemia (908), and Plzen (794). These four regions accounted for about 59% of the total.

By nationality, those detected were most often citizens of Ukraine (5,844 persons),  Moldova (1,548) and  Afghanistan (529). Only 335 people were intercepted trying to travel across the border; 10,835 people were caught living illegally inside the country.

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