Number of Projects Adapting To Climate Change in South Moravia Doubled In 2021

In 2021, the number of projects adapting South Moravia to the effects of climate change reached 160, more than double than the 76 projects in 2019 and 2020. The region intends to continue supporting climate change adaptation measures. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 19 (BD) –  “Combating the drought is a clear priority for our region,” said Deputy Governor Jan Zámečník. “The good news is that mayors feel the same. Last year, we increased the allocated budget for the subsidy program to combat drought to CZK 20 million, and thus the number of projects also increased.”

Similarly to the previous year, the subsidy program is divided into four streams: water retention in the landscape, aftercare for greenery, project documentation, and conceptual documents . “Of the total, CZK 12 million is intended for projects designed to retain water in the landscape, CZK 3.5 million each goes to the aftercare of greenery and support for the creation of appropriate project documentation. The last CZK 1 million is allocated to the conceptual documents for measures to mitigate climate change,” said Zámečník.

The program for adaptation to climate change is not the only activity that the regional authorities are supporting.  “We have also announced the Regional Prize, for which a total of 43 projects have applied. The expert jury is currently selecting the best of them, which will be able to inspire others,” said Zámečník.

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