New Partnership Is Increasing Recycling of Waste Polystyrene In Brno

Since September last year, sorted polystyrene from nine Brno collection centres has been going to the Bachl processing facility on Vídeňská, where it can be recycled into polystyrene sheets. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 3 Feb 2022 (BD) – In the first four months of the partnership between Bachl and SAKO Brno, more than three tons of used polystyrene have been processed in this way. In the first year of cooperation between the two companies, it is planned to reuse at least eight tons of polystyrene.

“For ecological and economic reasons, polystyrene should ideally be transported over the shortest possible distance,” said Filip Leder, Chairman of the Board of SAKO Brno. “The transport of such light waste must make sense and above all be environmentally friendly. That is why we were looking for an opportunity to offer polystyrene processing in Brno.” 

“As we process around 14,000 tonnes of polystyrene each year, recycling will not play a major role, but we are able to cover all the costs associated with recycling from the savings on the input material and thus help us meet our voluntary commitments to environmental protection,” said Jiří Kudlička, CEO of Bachl.

Recycled polystyrene is processed in the same way as scrap. It is crushed and the resulting pulp is used to produce semi-finished products; the purity of the raw materials to be recycled must be monitored during this process. After crushing, the material with admixture is used, for example, in the production of lightweight concrete or insulating plasters, while the unpolluted material can be used again in the production of insulation boards.

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