End of Obligation To Show Vaccine Certificate in Pubs, and at Cultural and Sporting Events

“Taking into account the development of the pandemic, the government will abolish the obligation to provide a valid certificate of vaccination or prior illness when entering restaurants and services, and at cultural and sports events, by February 9th,” said Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala yesterday. The wearing of facemasks and the limits on the number of attendees at large events remain. Photo credit: vlada.cz.

Czech Republic, Feb 3 (BD) – On Wednesday, the Supreme Administrative Court annulled the obligation to provide evidence of vaccination or prior illness when visiting a restaurant or hotel.

“As this wave recedes, we begin to return to normal life. My goal is to get us there as safely as possible,” said Health Minister Vlastimil Valek (TOP 09). The pandemic state of emergency should be cancelled soon. “At the same time, we will decide on the end of the state of emergency at the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, beginning in the week of February 14th,” said Fiala. 

The government also decided to end testing in companies and schools on February 18th. “Our decision is based on the opinion of experts that continuous general testing will lose its meaning. Our plan is to return to normal life as soon as possible,” commented Fiala. “The reason for testing was to capture sources of infection in work and school groups, which was successful,” said the Health Ministry.

The government will prepare a proposal for targeted compensation primarily for small businesses. Those who have been affected by the anti-epidemic restrictions will be eligible for support. “We will set aside about CZK 3 billion to help more than 11,000 businesses,” said Fiala.

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