VK Královo Pole Win Their First Ever Czech Women’s Volleyball Cup

Brno’s VK Královo Pole won the Final Four of the Czech Women’s Volleyball Cup in Tábor on Sunday. Photo credit: Ondřej Driml. 

Brno, Feb 8 (BD) – KP Brno, a volleyball club based in Brno-Královo Pole, became the Czech Women’s Volleyball Champions on Sunday, winning the Final Four play-off competition at Hala Mír in the South Bohemian city of Tabor. 

In the final, KP Brno went head-to-head with current ExtraLeague leaders Liberec. After KP Brno won the first set, Liberec immediately equalised to make it 1:1. That was the North Bohemians’ last, however, as KP Brno surged ahead to win by 3:1, earning them the gold trophy for the first time in the club’s history. Liberec won the silver medal, while Olomouc finished in third place, beating Olympus Prague in the bronze-medal match.

“We are very excited, because although some people put us as the favourites, our preparation was not completely ideal, so we are very happy that we gave such a good performance,” said coach Erik Nezhoda. “Our whole team won today, the girls fought until the very end. Moreover, Petra Kojdová played her best volleyball of the season today, so we are even more pleased that we defeated a very strong Liberec.” 

“We knew that the match would be very difficult and our opponent would not give us anything for free,” said Daniela Digrinová, captain of the Královo Pole team. “Perhaps we have finally found a recipe for Liberec, and we will continue to use it against them in the ExtraLeague. We are very happy to have won our first women’s medal.” 

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