Brno To Host Several Prestigious International Conferences In 2022

Brno is to host several major international conferences in 2022. Events devoted to digital content, microscopy, and research infrastructure, will bring experts from all over the world to the South Moravian capital. Photo credit: Moravia Convention Bureau

Brno, Feb 9 (BD) – “Conference tourism is an important part of tourism in South Moravia,” said Martina Grůzová, the director of the Brno Convention Bureau (BCB). “In order to maintain its quality level, we need to form links with partners in the region and at the same time build the reputation of the destination on foreign markets. Despite the unfavourable pandemic situation, thanks to the BCB we have managed to promote the South Moravian capital as an ideal destination for international conferences.” 

“We are very happy to have won the bid to co-host the ninth annual Traverse conference (September 13th to 18th), which should bring almost 400 of the world’s influencers, bloggers, instagrammers and Youtubers to Brno. It is the result of cooperation between the Czech Tourism Office in the UK, the City of Brno, and BCB. Traverse is a huge opportunity for Brno and the whole of South Moravia to put itself on the world travel map”, said the BCB’s Eliška Křížová.

In the field of technology and research, the 16th International Microscopy Conference (September 5th-9th) and the International Conference on Research Infrastructures (October 19th-21st) are among the key events. “We are also involved in the preparations for the Mendel Genetics Conference in July, and we already know that thanks to our active cooperation with the expert sponsors, the prestigious International Radiobiology Conference will be heading to Brno in 2027,” added Křížová.

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