City of Brno To Send Express Train To Vienna Airport 

For the first time in history, a train will run from the city to Vienna Airport. The train will leave Brno station for a demonstration run on 22 February at 9:30. Photo credit: Freepik.

Brno, Feb 10 (BD) – The plans for a rail connection between Brno and Vienna Airport will soon become reality. On Tuesday, February 22nd, the first train will leave Brno for Schwechat Airport. The journey will just be a demonstration session, as the final decision on regular operation and the choice of carrier has not yet taken place. The city and the region want the trains to run regularly several times a day. 

For its first trip, the passengers will include regional politicians, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Honorary Consul, staff from Czech Railways and the Ministry of Transport. The express train will also allocate one coach for general passengers, selling tickets on its website for CZK 490. The train will arrive at Vienna Airport at 11:19am, and return at 1:10pm.

According to the preliminary plan, the train will stop in Brno, Breclav and at Vienna’s main station. The connection between the South Moravian capital and the airport will take an hour and a half. Brno city authorities hope that the idea will become reality this year. “I believe that we will be able to start the whole project at least partially in 2022,” said Petr Kratochvíl, Brno’s councillor for transport, who has been commissioned by the city to negotiate with Austrian representatives.

There has been talk of connecting Brno with Schwechat Airport since last year. Brno and South Moravian representatives have already approved the plan to create the connection, which should bring a more comfortable journey for people in South Moravia to flights all over the world.

So far, only buses go directly from Brno to the airport. The South Moravian Region owns its own airport in Brno-Tuřany, but regular air transport is extremely limited and its tenants are increasingly focusing on cargo transport and warehouse construction.

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