Renovation of Marie Restituta Park Continues

Last year, project documentation was prepared for the restoration of Marie Restituta Park in Brno-Husovice, following on from the first stage of restoration, which is already complete. The park is undergoing its first major reconstruction since 1992, with the aim of solving the problem of torrential rains and flooding, and making the park more accessible for wheelchair users. Photo credit: Brno-Husovice.

Brno, Feb 15 (BD) – “The project envisages landscaping of paths that will suit the needs of wheelchair users,” said Brno-North District Councilor Marie Kselíková (KDU-ČSL). “At the same time, the project will solve the problem of torrential rains, as the roads were being blocked. Another reason for the project was to announce a competition to create a statue of Marie Restituta, to be located in the park.” 

The problem of torrential rains has been increasing recently, leading to the flooding of clay on Hálkova and Elgartova. The roads will be accessible, and the stairs to the road above the park will be replaced by an escalator, which will also be usable for baby carriages. 

“In recent years, Husovice Hill, affected by periods of drought, has begun to suffer greatly,” said Kselíková. “Heavy torrential rains contributed to the outflow of soil and the creation of eroded furrows, which made the road between Míčková and Kohoutová almost impassable with a baby carriage. Therefore, we decided to divide the hill into three areas, which will be gradually designed and renovated. In the first area, the sidewalk will be strengthened, water will be drained in the event of rain, and other soil will be prevented from moving from the adjacent slopes.”

The reconstruction will also include the creation and placement of a new statue of Maria Restituta, which will be part of the park, possibly replacing the memorial to fallen soldiers – a monument in the shape of a boulder and a plaque with the names of the victims. The proposal is to replace the existing monuments with a single monument that would harmonize with the park and the new statue of Maria Restituta.

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