International Festival of Theater Schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER Announces Final Dramaturgical Concept

The festival’s dramaturgy has taken its final form less than two months before the start of the festival. This year also offers a unique spectator opportunity in the form of a discussion with individual jurors. The dramaturgical line, called ENC: TALK, will present theatrical themes from the perspective of the professions of individual speakers and their countries of origin. Photo credit: SETKÁNÍ/Encounter.

Brno, Feb 16 (BD) – During January, a total of nine foreign ensembles were selected from the 26 registered schools. There will be performances from Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Great Britain, as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to this international flavour, spectators can get acquainted with theatrical work abroad and thus see beyond the boundaries of art in this country. Like every year, the festival of theatre schools will be attended by a professional jury, which this year will be composed of the artistic director of the Prague Quadrennial and set designer Markéta Fantová (Czech Republic), director and actor Luca Vossos (Italy), theatre director and educator Davide Giovanzana (Switzerland), and puppeteer, director and manager Kata Csató (Hungary). 

Other forms of performative art will also have a place in this year’s festival. The organisers have approached Czech choreographer and dancer Marek Zelinka, who will lead a workshop focused on the basics of movement theatre, magic lanterns and mime theatre during the festival week. The culmination of this workshop will be a performative performance as part of the closing ceremony. 

In addition to theatrical performances, the City of Brno will also stage a series of music concerts by Czech bands in Brno clubs such as Kabinet Múz or ArtBar. Tickets for the festival will be available for purchase through the web portal starting March 14th or directly on the information page of the ENCOUNTER festival.

The festival is created with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund, the City of Brno and the Czech State Fund for Culture. 

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