Get Hired On The Spot At The Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair

Just a few weeks from now, the biggest job fair for expats and bilingual job seekers will be in Brno, at Tržnice on Zelny Trh. The 8th live Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair will take place on March 5th, 2022, from 10am-4:30pm. Photo credit: Jobspin 2021.

Jobspin Job Fairs Are A Powerful Tool For Expats Looking For Jobs

Jobspin Job Fair brings job seekers into contact with recruitment managers from the most important employers in the region. Through this event, foreign job applicants will be able to meet and chat face-to-face with the top expat-friendly employers and get hired on the spot! ”We saw that there are more and more foreigners coming to the Czech Republic,” said Katerina Casadei, the main organizer of Jobspin Job Fairs. “When we set up the first job fair in 2016, it was not usual to find job offers in English on the internet or through conventional channels. So we thought about the most direct way to facilitate employment – bringing job seekers and employers together under the same roof so they can meet each other.” 

Jobspin Job Fairs offer interesting opportunities for networking. One of the most popular services is the free CV Consultation Panel, where job seekers can get advice on how to improve their resumes. Photo credit: Jobspin 2018.

A Perfect Occasion For Expat Job Seekers To Meet Top Recruiters From The Region

Jobspin Job Fair is perfect for candidates who speak English or other languages and have international education and work experience. The official language of the job fair is English. “99% of our clients are representatives of multinational corporations,” said Casadei. ”Which is logical – we organize job fairs for expats and bilingual job seekers. The official language of the event is English, the same as at our clients’ workplaces.” 

The event is free to attend for all job-seekers, you just have to register with the link below, print out a few copies of your CV and head on down to the event at Tržnice on Brno’s Zelný trh.

Get Hired On The Spot

This event is a quick and straightforward way to meet recruiters and better understand their company culture and values, and to talk about their current open positions. At these events, you can also discover new career options while making connections that matter. Hundreds of expats have found employment after visiting Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs. “I went in with the intention of speaking to Honeywell employees, as it’s a company I had my eyes set on, but ended up going around and talking to lots of recruiters. It definitely set me on the right path to find a job here in Brno,” said Hendrik, a past visitor to the Job Fair.

We asked Katerina Casadei why people should come to this event: ”Simply to start a new career. The employers will be hiring for both junior and senior positions across industries. In 2022, the most important employers in the South Moravian region will join; the main partner is Lufthansa InTouch, but there will also be companies from various sectors such as engineering, R&D, IT, translation and localization, accounting, customer service, finance and sales. They are offering all kinds of positions which are open to the international audience who speak English fluently.” 

As well as the main partner Lufthansa InTouch, other important employers in the region, such as AT&T, RWS, Honeywell, FNZ, or Zebra Technologies, will also be in attendance.

The Brno branch of the CPL employment agency will offer free CV consultations to anyone interested in improving their CVs, and Brno Expat Center, Foreigners Brno and Brusinka will respond to all questions regarding visas and relocation to Brno.

For registration and detailed information about the job fair in Brno, visit the official website of Brno Jobspin Job Fair.

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