Mendel University Arboretum In Řícmanice Reopens To Visitors After Renovation

After three years, the arboretum will reopen to visitors from today. The closure was caused by a bark beetle calamity and drought. Foresters have replaced the infested trees with new ones, including giant redwoods. Photo credit: Mendel University

Brno, Feb 19 (BD) – The park covers an area of 4.31 hectares and has one of the most valuable collections of conifers in the Czech Republic. The collection includes one of the largest specimens of the Chilean blackthorn, which grows on the steep slopes of the South American countries of Argentina and Chile, and a similar spiny-leaved euphorbia from China. Other curiosities include the Mexican and Chihuahua spruce, the Moroccan fir and the single-leaf pine from the southwestern United States, which has only one needle.

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