Elderly Woman Contacts City Police Over Spoiled Soup 

An elderly woman called the city police emergency line around lunchtime yesterday, complaining that a soup she had bought the previous day was no longer edible. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Feb 23 (BD) –  An elderly woman called the city police emergency line around lunchtime yesterday. She complained to the operator that she had bought pork blood soup (“zabijačkova polévka”) the previous day at a stall in the west of Brno, but after taking it from the fridge, she found that it was spoiled and smelled very bad.

The police operator attempted to assist the senior citizen, advising her on how to proceed when returning the goods, and assuring her that if the seller responded in an unpleasant way, she could call for a patrol officer. The operator also explained that line 156 was used primarily for threats to life, health and property. Nonetheless, the police still headed to the stall to check that the vendor had the right to sell food and occupy the street. 

After checking the vendor’s documents, he willingly showed them how he was preparing his completely fresh soups. When the senior arrived, it turned out that she had probably put her purchase in the fridge when she got home, while it was still hot, and the soup had then gone sour in a closed container. Nevertheless, the salesman catered to the older woman, exchanged the soup for a new one free of charge, and repeated the instructions on how to store it properly. 

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