Large-Scale Sociological Survey To Reveal The Opinions of Brno-Kohoutovice Residents

In order to gather more information about the perspectives and needs of citizens, councillors in the Brno-Kohoutovice city district have approved a sociological survey of residents. Photo credit: Freepik 

Brno, Feb 23 (BD) – Councillors in Brno-Kohoutovice District have agreed to allocate funds to conduct a large-scale sociological survey to evaluate residents’ satisfaction on civic amenities, the management of public spaces, and the level of education, among other things. The survey is currently being prepared, and is scheduled to be carried out during the first half of this year.

“There are many ways to listen to citizens and get their opinion, and a sociological survey is one of them,” said Mayor of Kohoutovice Jakub Hruška (KDU-CSL). “This will help to understand how the citizens of Kohoutovice perceive our district in a very comprehensive and at the same time impartial way. We expect to be able to manage our district even better and more efficiently thanks to this survey.”

Coming exactly 20 years after the last survey, this survey should provide a comprehensive overview of citizens’ perception of the district. The authorities will use questionnaire surveys as well as online questionnaires and questionnaires within the town hall periodical. “We’re testing all the right ways to collect answers as efficiently as possible. We do not want it to be just an ordinary poll, but rather a sociological survey based on scientific methods,” said Hruška.

“The last time the town hall asked for citizens’ opinions on this scale was 20 years ago, which is a really long time. We would be very happy if as many Kohoutovice citizens as possible could participate in the survey, which will help us to obtain the necessary information about what is lacking in Kohoutovice, what needs to be improved or, on the contrary, what we should continue to do,” he added.

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