Brno Councillors Hold Emergency Meeting To Discuss Invasion of Ukraine

Due to the unprecedented situation in Ukraine, Brno City Council held an emergency meeting. The agenda included a debate on providing financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, setting up a special hotline, and providing temporary accommodation for people fleeing war zones. Brno also terminated its partnership with Russian cities. Photo credit: Marie Schmerkova, Brno City Municipality

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) –  “For many years, we have had friendly relations with Ukraine, as evidenced by the partnership with the second largest Ukrainian city, Kharkov. Unfortunately, we have witnessed the beginning of a war in Ukraine. We want to be as prepared as possible for the situation. We want to send CZK 10 million to help the people of Ukraine. At the same time, I will contact the mayors of all city districts, city companies and contributory organisations to check their housing stock and other possible accommodation and recreational capacities and to suggest possible accommodation options for people fleeing war zones. And we will also operate an information telephone line in cooperation with the Diocesan Charity Brno, to which people will be able to turn with their questions and possible offers of help. We also ask those who want to contribute to use the already launched collection of the Diocesan Charity Brno,” said the mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. The financial assistance has yet to be approved by the Brno City Council.

As for financial assistance, the City of Brno will first turn to the Ukrainian embassy, and work with representatives to find concrete ways to use the money effectively in Ukraine. At the same time, city officials are in contact with Ukrainian Consul Anna Proshko. They discussed possible humanitarian aid yesterday, which would be mainly medical material. City hospitals have promised possible medical care and medicines for the needy. Further details will be resolved later.

“As an act of solidarity with Ukraine, we also voted at the council today to terminate partnership agreements with Russian cities, specifically Moscow and Voronezh,” added Vaňková .

The special infoline 516 410 668 and 737 234 078 are operational for donations and help of any kind. Those interested can also contact the Center for Foreigners of the South Moravian Region. Information about the collection of the Diocesan Charity Brno can be found here. Information lines and contacts for Ukrainian citizens

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