Center For Foreigners Offers Assistance To Ukrainians

The South Moravian Center for Foreigners will provide free legal information and advice to Ukrainians residing in the region. Lawyers and advisers are available at the Center’s premises at Mezírka 1 in Brno to consult on the current situation in Ukraine. The center also maps the latest information published by the Ministry of Interior. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) –”I am glad that our fellow citizens are looking for every possible way to help Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a heinous act of aggression that has no place in Europe. There is no doubt about it now. As a region, we are also ready to help our partner, the Lviv region, as much as possible. We must also prepare for the wave of refugees in the first phase,” said Jan Grolich, governor of South Moravia.

“At the Center for Foreigners in the South Moravian Region, our experts assist Ukrainians on their arrival with work and integration. Today, the situation is changing dramatically. Even our region is becoming a refuge from the war for them. We are ready to fully assist their family members, as well as their other fellow citizens,” added Jiří Hlavenka, regional advisor for the implementation of self-government tasks in the field of science, research, innovation and information technology.

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