Čertova Rokle Forest Park Enters Next Phase of Restoration

Čertova rokle forest park in Brno-North District is being restored to give a second life to the area currently marked by dead trees and overpopulation of pests. Illustrative photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, March 6 (BD) – In the spring of this year, the third stage of the restoration of the Čertova rokle forest park in Brno-North District will begin. The clearing of trees and dead trees will be carried out by the Brno Public Greenery company. The aim of the restoration is to stop the destruction of the existing greenery, the condition of which has deteriorated significantly due to the extreme drought and the subsequent overpopulation of pests.

“The strategic plan for the restoration of Čertova rokle is a project aimed at stopping the destruction of existing vegetation. An area of 36,340 m2 will undergo restoration. The entire area needs to be prepared by the end of March so that landscaping can begin in April. This will ensure water retention in the greenery and prevent runoff into the sewer system,” said Marie Kselíková (KDU-ČSL), the district councillor for the environment.

“From spring to autumn, equally important follow-up maintenance will also be carried out on areas from the first and second phases of the project. The planting of trees and shrubs is also postponed until autumn, when there will already be more moisture in the gully and the greenery will take better hold. The final stage is planned for next year, which will conclude the major restoration of the forest park,” Kselíková explained.

The entire restoration project of the park has been designed based on a survey of the amount of rainfall in the area and should ensure that the greenery in the area will not suffer from a lack of moisture for most of the year.

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