Nature Trail Near Sloupsko-šošůvské Caves In Moravian Karst Has Been Restored

For many years, the trail has connected the exit of the caves back to the car park at the end of the guided tour. The technical condition of the panels was already somewhat damaged, due to exposure to the elements, the Czech Caves Administration has therefore renovated and replaced the dilapidated panels with four new information boards. Photo credit: Czech Caves Administration, for free use.

Brno, March 13 (BD) – The panels of the Sloupsko-Šošůvské Jeseník cave explain the beginning of the underground Punkva karst river route, and other aspects of the hydrology and geology of the site, caves, karst and surrounding rocks. The original co-designer of the trail, Dr. Ivan Balák, expert in karsology and geographic information systems, has carried out an update of some of the scientific data. The thematic maps of the northern part of the Moravian Karst have been completed and refined, and now include photographs, diagrams and English translations. 

“The restoration of the nature trail, costing CZK 33,000, by the Czech Cave Administration, was one of the objectives of the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYK)”, said Jakub Gabriš, head of the Moravian Karst for the Czech Cave Administration. It was funded by the Ministry of the Environment’s programme “Support for the restoration of natural landscape functions” as part of measures to “ensure the functions of nature protection authorities in specially protected areas”, according to Gabriš. 

The most famous nature trail is probably the Macocha trail, which is six kilometres long and has 13 stops. The two-kilometre Josefovské údolí nature trail, with seven information boards, also presents various natural attractions. 

The Sloupsko-šošůvské Caves opened in 1881 and were one of the first caves in the world to be equipped with electric lighting. Since 1 March, visitors can choose to walk the 1,800-metre tourist trail or the 900-metre shorter trail. The adventure trail “In the footsteps of Nagel” in the lower levels of the caves can be visited only by advance reservation, and participants must be at least 10 years old. From December to February, winter tours of the Shoshu section by torchlight are a popular attraction. 

Five caves in the Moravian Karst are now open to tourists: the all-year-round Punkevní with electric water navigation and the “slightly different cave” Výpustek near Křtiny, Balcarka and Kateřinská. 

For more information, check the administration’s website ( or find them on social media.

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