SMART Revitalization Planned For Apartment Building In Dolni Bojanovice

In the South Moravian municipality of Dolní Bojanovice, the town council is preparing the SMART revitalization of an apartment building. The work is expected to start in the spring of next year. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, March 15 (BD) – “Currently, the project documentation for the revitalization of the Na hrázce 32 apartment building, which contains nine apartments, is nearing completion,” said Eva Rajchmanová, the Mayor of Dolni Bojanovice.

According to Rajchmanova, the work will include total insulation of the building, including the roof. New electrical wiring will be installed throughout the building using LED technology, and heating will be provided by a central heat pump with distribution to the apartments. A photovoltaic power plant (PV) will be installed on the roof. The energy from the PV will be used for direct consumption in individual apartments and the surplus energy will be stored in storage tanks for water heating and in batteries. Shading technology and a charging station are also planned.

After obtaining a building permit, the municipality will apply for support from EU funds and national sources.

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