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Brno City Council Takes Further Measures To Support Refugees, As Well As Their Pets

Yesterday, on March 16, Brno City Council discussed several matters related to the war in Ukraine. People who have fled the war will be able to use public transport free of charge, and the Brno City Police shelter will temporarily take care of pets. The council also agreed to open the Denis civil protection shelter on Nádražní and the 10-Z civil protection shelter on Husova. Photo credit:

Brno, March 17 (BD) – Since March 4, the Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has been providing free transport for Ukrainian citizens from war-affected areas. “During this period, it has issued nearly 2,400 passes to refugees, allowing them to use Brno’s public transport free of charge. In order to prove eligibility, it is necessary to present a so-called approved stay visa or an application for it,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. 

The Brno City Police’s shelter for abandoned animals is also joining the solidarity efforts. “We want to help people fleeing war and at the same time help reduce the risk of rabies or other infectious diseases entering the Czech Republic,” said Luboš Oprchal, director of the Brno City Police. Refugees’ pets can stay in the shelter free of charge for up to 15 days, fulfilling the 10-day quarantine requirement. They will not have to pay for any required veterinary care, such as clinical examination of the animals, possible microchipping or vaccination against rabies, or the related administrative costs. “The shelter has the capacity to care for more than 30 animals. The municipal police will release CZK 100,000 for these needs,” said Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

In the previous days, the shelter had already donated dozens of muzzles and transport crates from its reserves to the assistance centre at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Photo credit: Zdeněk Kolařík, Brno City Municipality

Also related to the war in Ukraine is the decision to restore the function of the civil protection shelters 10-Z on Husova, and Denis on Nádražní. “We have allocated CZK 445,000 for immediate repairs and maintenance, with further work to be specified after the processing of professional revisions and inspections,” said Vaňková. 

“The Denis shelter at Nove Sady can accommodate about 2,500 people. It is a labyrinth of 900 metres of corridors cut into the rock under Petrov. The shelter under Špilberk on Husova is smaller and has been entrusted to a cultural organisation for long-term use under a fixed-term contract until 2024. However, we have agreed with the operator that it will allow for necessary modifications to the shelter for civil protection purposes and that the shelter will be available to Brno residents if needed. As this shelter is operated, it is also better equipped for possible use,” said Deputy Mayor Jiří Oliva.

“The keys to the shelters are now available 24 hours a day at the MMB gatehouse, so they can be opened within minutes at any time,” Deputy Mayor added. Photo credit: Michal Růžička, TIC Brno
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