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Czech Republic Named 9th Best Global Destination For An Active Holiday

The Czech Republic is the 9th best destination for an active holiday, according to fitness platform Gymcatch, mostly due to the country’s appeal for hikers, cyclists, and skiers. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, March 19 (BD) – The Czech Republic is the 9th best destination globally for tourists looking for an active holiday. 

The study, conducted by fitness platform Gymcatch, looked at the number of yoga and wellness retreats, cycling routes, hiking routes, water sports facilities and ski resorts in the 50 most visited countries around the world. This figure was then divided by the number of visitors per year and factored in the average cost per visitor per week to find the best sports destinations in the world. 

With 5,371 listed hiking trails, the Czech Republic ranks 7th internationally and 4th in Europe as a hiking holiday destination. 

For cyclists, the Czech Republic is ranked 7th internationally. The country is also a good alternative ski resort, and in fact is a multi-category hotspot with a wide variety of facilities for cyclists and skiers, with 134,141 listed cycling routes and over 700 km of ski routes to explore, ranked 7th per visitor.

Overall RankCycling RoutesHiking TrailsSki SlopesWater-Sports FacilitiesYoga RetreatsCost per Week
9th7th7th10th29th43rd559 €
As a result, the Czech Republic placed 9th in the overall ranking, alongside Spain and Indonesia. 

Among European countries, Norway, Germany and Switzerland are the top three active tourist destinations.

Overall, Australia is the most active holiday destination in 2022, ranking first for walking holidays and in the top 10 for the number of water sports facilities and yoga retreats. Brazil, which ranked second in the study, performed particularly well in cycling with the fourth-most routes per visitor. Norway came in third. As a popular alternative to France and Switzerland during the ski season, Norway offers the third best skiing option for international visitors, considering the total length of the ski slopes on offer.

Sports tourism accounts for about 10% of global travel spending and is expected to reach nearly $7 billion by 2023.

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