Brno and South Moravia’s Exhibition At The Dubai Expo Can Also Be Seen In Brno

The MICRO & MACRO multimedia module at the EXPO World Exhibition in Dubai has replaced the previous rotating exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gregor Johann Mendel, father of genetics. Brno residents can visit a special smaller version of the exhibit in the foyer of the Brno Observatory on Kraví hora until the end of March, or test their knowledge in an online micro macro quiz. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality and South Moravia Region archive.

Brno, 20 March (BD) – “The multimedia project by architects Chybik + Kristof and Visualove Studios revived the popular Czech pavilion, which is reaping success mainly thanks to the unique SAWER system, which allows the collection of air humidity even in very dry environments, and provides life-giving water by condensation,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “The pavilion has been visited by over a million people since October and it is great that we can show at this prestigious event what Brno and the whole region excel at – we are achieving world-class results in the fields of electron microscopy and space industry.”

Participation in the EXPO builds on the long-term strategy of the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region, as described by the South Moravian Governor Jan Grolich: “We have been building the region’s reputation as a scientific, innovative and high-tech hub for a long time. In Dubai, we can show that South Moravia is not just about wine and history, but also about the technologies of the future. Thanks to similar events, we have the opportunity to show foreign talents that our region is an ideal place to work and live, and thus ensure a supply of great people and unique know-how, without which the further development of the region is not possible.”

The multimedia presentation in Dubai was also successful thanks to the cooperation with the partners of the joint exhibition, including key electron microscopy and space industry companies Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tescan Orsay Holding, Delong Instruments and Brno Space Cluster.

To enable the people of Brno to experience the high-tech spectacle, a special scale installation of an exhibit from Dubai – the so-called EXPO module – has been touring the South Moravian region since October. This interactive part of the travelling Science and Technology popularisation tour is accompanying the exhibition, and is open to visitors of the Brno Observatory. The technologies of the future can be experienced in the EXPO module until 31 March.

Here are some more photos from exhibition in the Brno Observatory. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality and South Moravia Region archive.

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The exhibit, using a media-server-controlled projection placed in a hollow block, shows the two unknown worlds of colours and structures that surround each of us. They are invisible to the naked eye and we need special aids and tools to observe them. Technologies developed in Brno and the South Moravian Region allow visitors to observe the module between these two worlds and interactively introduce them to the secrets of electron microscopy and the space industry. The experience is enhanced by the combination of LED strips and the use of thermo foil and mirror cladding. 

To allow Brno citizens to share in the successes in Dubai, they can test their knowledge in an online micro macro quiz connected with the city game, with the possibility of winning a 3D printer, a drone or a new iPhone. Players collect points both for questions answered on the website and for scanning QR codes scattered around Brno. 

“A lot of people don’t realise that the results of research and work in electron microscopy and space technology are increasingly being passed on through to everyday life, whether it’s your morning coffee or a journey by public transport. So you will find the QR codes in the places you normally visit, and through the questions you will learn how these technologies are connected with everyday activities,” said Petr Chládek, director of the innovation agency JIC, which organises the quiz. 

Participants will find quiz questions, a map of QR codes, complete rules of the game as well as detailed information on the EXPO module in Brno and on the Czech participation in the EXPO in Dubai on the website. Additional information, news and notifications of new questions can be found on Facebook and Instagram @brnoregion. FB: Brno citizens can experience the Micro & Macro exhibition at the Brno Observatory as well as participating in an interactive quiz to win prizes.

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