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In Brief: TIC Brno Is Preparing City Tours For People Fleeing The War In Ukraine

The City of Brno’s tourism organisation, TIC Brno, is providing city tours for Ukrainian refugees free of charge. The aim of these tours is to participate in the integration of those people by showing them the city and explaining its history. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily

Brno, March 21 (BD) – TIC Brno is offering city tours for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The aim of the two-hour walk is to familiarise the participants with Brno, to show them important landmarks, and also to offer them a break and inform them about the city’s attractions and history. 

A Ukrainian guide will give this tour free of charge, all costs of the tours are covered by TIC BRNO. 

The first tour will take place on 22 March and every Tuesday and Friday thereafter at 10am or 2pm. The offer is valid for four weeks and will be updated according to the interest shown and other needs.Information on the city tours and other leisure activities that are available for free can be found here.

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