New “Smart” Facility Opens In Brno-Bosonohy For Vocational Training In Construction

The “smart house” was inaugurated on Wednesday, 23 March in Brno-Bosonohy, by representatives of the South Moravian Center for Vocational Training in Construction. The ribbon was symbolically cut on behalf of the regional authority by Richard Zemánek, Chairman of the Committee for Education and Employment, and Hynek Nespěšný, Head of the South Moravian Department of Education. Photo credit:

Brno, March 28 (BD) – The centre’s modern facility, which has been located in the Bosonohy district of Brno since 2016, is now newly equipped with “smart home” technologies, which aim to offer superior comfort to users through the interconnection of individual automated systems. It is a purpose-driven educational facility covering air conditioning, lighting control, shading, photovoltaics, security and communication technologies, and heating. This allows students to experience first-hand not only the control possibilities but also the programming of modern buildings.

For years, the building has been nicknamed “the hat” because of its shape. It is mainly used for the practical testing of modern building technologies. The centre serves not only vocational high schools in the South Moravian region, but also professional associations, guilds and construction companies for further training.

The centre’s equipment is varied and offers a multifunctional space which can demonstrate many of the control, regulation and measurement systems required in modern construction practices. The centre also includes a five-axis woodworking centre, a 3D printing station, engraving and laser machines, and a 60-capacity conference room.

“I am proud that there is a place in our region where not only students but also industry professionals can get acquainted with the most modern technologies in a global setting,” said Zemánek.

The purpose of the region’s vocational training centres is to provide above-standard equipment for certain fields in individual schools, which can then be used by all schools in the region.

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