South Moravian Deputy Governor Visits Lviv To Discuss Further Supplies of Aid

South Moravian Deputy Governor Lukáš Dubec met with his Ukrainian counterpart in Lviv over the weekend. This was one of the first foreign visits to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. The purpose was to express support for Ukrainian colleagues and representatives in the partner region and to establish direct cooperation at the level of regional leaders. Photo credit: Lukáš Dubec, Filip Vítek

Brno, March 29 (BD) – On Sunday, South Moravian Deputy Governor Lukáš Dubec (Pirati) met with the Deputy Governor of the Lviv region, Yuriy Buchko. “Ukrainians really appreciate the material aid sent by the South Moravian region and the City of Brno,” said Dubec. “For them it is not only valuable material support, but also moral support. They know that their partners in South Moravia have not forgotten them and are doing their best.” The South Moravian Region and the City of Brno have already sent CZK 10 million in aid to Ukraine.

The Deputy Governors agreed that representatives of the Lviv region, joined by representatives of the Uzhhorod region, will visit the South Moravian region in the coming weeks. “I was pleasantly surprised to see how much our Ukrainian colleagues care that the public, humanitarian organisations and politicians in the Czech Republic know who is responsible for the distribution of humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and how the whole chain works,” continued Dubec. “That is why we agreed that in the coming weeks a delegation from Lviv will visit the South Moravian region. The war in Ukraine will end without a doubt. Ukrainians firmly believe that it is a matter of weeks. That is why we should use their visit to develop future relations and discuss the reconstruction of the country after the war.”

The trip was made possible by the organiser of the railway aid, Albert Fikáček, the founder of Gepard Express and the Railway Helps initiative, which has been delivering material aid from collections directly to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian aggression. The return train is used to evacuate civilians, mainly women, children and the elderly. Photo credit: Lukáš Dubec, Filip Vítek.
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