Discover What Living in Brno Has To Offer At The Brno Expat Fair

On Saturday, 9 April, the four floors of Tržnice on Zelný Trh will be filled with everything that makes Brno international – at the Living in Brno 2022 expat fair. Bring your family and friends, meet new ones and enjoy a great day among other Brno Expats! Photo credit: Brno Expat Centre.

Brno, April 6 (BD) – Brno is a foreigner-friendly city. Though life here might still have its challenges, in many ways you couldn’t have chosen a better place to live. There are public policies attracting and welcoming expats, and more being put into practice all the time. Brno has companies making sure their experienced employees are happy here and choose to stay longer, and there are services catering to the needs of English-speaking customers.

Brno Expat Centre plans to prove that all of the above is true, all in one day and all in one place, which is why they’re organising the Brno Expat Fair, titled and focused on ‘Living in Brno’. The first expat fair, in 2019, attracted over 700 expats from 95 different countries.

For one Saturday, the modern environment of Tržnice on Zelný Trh will host expat-friendly services, clubs, communities, sports, and job opportunities. You can spend the whole day: there will be international food, wine, beer, free coffee and plenty of space to enjoy it, for example on the rooftop, with spectacular views of the city centre. Families are welcome: there will be a kids’ corner and kids’ cinema to keep your children busy whilst you browse through the fair, and even a theatre performance for children, starting at 5.30pm.

Throughout the day, you can listen in on many expert presentations on topics relevant for your life in Brno, from leasing contracts and other key aspects of the housing market in Brno, to myths of recycling, intercultural communication, or tips on dealing with stress from a NASA consultant. 

You can join in several interactive workshops, from practising your Czech pick-up lines to delving into a story and bringing it to life with fellow readers from the Brno Book Club. The day will close with a bang: an afterparty on the last floor of Tržnice, watching the sun set on Brno with the right company, and performances from other expats. 

All of this is for free – you can claim your free ticket at Register in advance so you don’t have to stand in a queue on the day. 

Brno Daily will also be there, so we look forward to seeing you at Tržnice! 

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