End of Requirement To Wear Face Masks On Public Transport From Thursday

On Wednesday night, one of the final remaining restrictive measures in place to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end in the Czech Republic. Photo: KK / Brno Daily

Czech Republic, April 11 (BD) – The obligation to wear respirators on public transport will cease to apply from Thursday morning. Health Minister Vlastimil Valek (TOP 09) said the main reason was the decreasing number of new Covid-19 cases and the stable situation in hospitals. 

“The number of new infections is declining, the situation in hospitals is stable and the conditions for lifting the mandatory wearing of respirators on public transport have become reality,” said Valek.

The minister also encouraged people to keep wearing facemasks in crowded places at the times of increased risk of respiratory diseases. “I am not banning anyone from wearing respirators, but I want to abolish the obligation from Thursday. It’s time to get back to normal,” said Valek.

The last place where it will be required to wear respirators will be medical facilities.

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