Brno Art Week Highlights Diversity of Brno’s Art Scene, Tempting Audiences Back To Art Galleries

Art has always reflected social conditions and wider changes in society. This is undoubtedly also true of contemporary art, as reflected in the Brno Art Week festival. After the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant part of the programme will again take place in galleries and public spaces. The aim of this year’s edition is to highlight the diversity of the Brno art scene and tempt the public back to art institutions. At the same time, the program will also take special account of Ukrainian refugees as an important visitor group. Photo credit: TIC Brno

Brno, April 14 (BD) – Brno’s art scene is very diverse. To get an idea of its breadth, take a look at the program of the Brno Art Week festival. This year’s edition is prepared as usual by TIC BRNO and the Department of Art Education at the Masaryk University Faculty of Education. Their partners are galleries, associations, schools and other organisations, who together have prepared around 100 events for Brno Art Week, ranging from exhibitions to guided tours to performances. Some of them are intended for the general public, while others are specifically aimed at children, school groups or Ukrainians.

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Exhibits showing how art can be understood as an everyday part of our lives include a set table in the Moravian Gallery’s Artotheque, dry cutting in the Umakart Gallery, yoga in the Fait Gallery, and toasting in the Pitevna Gallery. Photo credit: TIC Brno 

Other features of Brno Art Week include a workshop with artist Eva Kot’atková, or a meeting with the designer of the planned fountain on Dominikánské náměstí, Tomáš Pavlacký. Guided tours will reveal the urban and artistic legacy of the Lesná housing estate, the buildings of Bohuslav Fuchs, or the sculptures on the University of Bohinj campus. A walk around the important sculptures in the city centre will be arranged for Ukrainian families. On Friday evening, all organizers, participants and visitors are invited to a party in the TIC Gallery on Radnicka.

Despite all the new features, including a new website, the programme remains full of events that have been successfully received in the past. What also remains is the essence of the event: Brno Art Week is an established tradition and the only visual arts festival of its kind in Brno, which serves as a platform for collaboration and for connecting galleries, artists, and educators.

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