Refugees From Ukraine Now Permitted To Be Accommodated In Vacant Social Housing Properties

At a meeting at Štrín Castle on 20 April, the cabinet approved an amendment to the government regulation to allow the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in vacant houses and apartments for social housing. Photo credit: 

Czech Republic, 27 April (BD) – Ministers met in the unconventional surroundings of Štrín Castle on 20 April to discuss the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in vacant social housing. 

The government approved an amendment to the relevant government regulation so that municipalities will now also be able to use houses and apartments built with the financial support of the State Housing Development Fund for social and affordable housing purposes to accommodate refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

The amendment should make it easier for municipalities to expand the amount of accommodation available for refugees, as they will be able to conclude lease agreements for rental or social flats with refugees from Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, the amendment also exempts refugees from the conditions for obtaining a lease contract in subsidised social housing. Refugees will not have to prove that they do not own a house or apartment if the property is in Ukraine, and will not have to pay a mandatory deposit for rent and other fees.

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