Winners Announced of Competition For Best Restored Monuments In South Moravia

This is the 15th year the competition has been held. Its purpose is to motivate the owners of cultural monuments to carry out exemplary restoration and to promote South Moravian monuments to the public. The award ceremony should take place at the turn of May and June. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, April 30th (BD) – The first place in the category of large buildings went to the Louka Premonstratensian monastery near Znojmo. Among works of fine art, the winner was the windlass at Boskovice Castle, and the category of small buildings was won by the bow with the statue of St. John of Nepomuk in Pustiměř.

In SMS voting for the public award, which ended on 31 March 2022, the Church of St. James the Greater in Vratěnín won, receiving 1,640 votes and a prize of CZK 60,000. 5,342 SMS votes were submitted in total.

The title of “Knight of Monument Care in the South Moravian Region” was awarded to ethnographer and expert on folk architecture Věra Kovářů and designer Michael Pavlovský. “These individuals have been dedicated to the care and promotion of cultural monuments in the South Moravian Region for a long time, with dedication and at a high level. We really appreciate their efforts and thank them for helping to preserve the precious legacies of the past for future generations,” said František Lukl, Regional Deputy Governor for Culture and Heritage Care. Both will receive an award of CZK 25,000.

The winners and awarded prizes include:

For large buildings the two winners are Louka Premonstratensian Monastery near Znojmo (CZK 150,000) represented in the picture of the article and the Former Czech Union Bank, Beethovenova 4, Brno (CZK 100,000) as seen above.

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