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Warm Weather Allows Termination of Heat Supply From 6 May

As the weather has become warmer, Teplárny Brno is interrupting the heat supply starting on 6 May. The heat has been supplied without a break since 20 September last year. The interruption of the heat supply, and subsequently the end of the heating season, has no effect on the hot water supply, which is still supplied to customers by heating plants. The summer shutdown is used for routine service and repairs of technology and distribution networks. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 6 May (BD) – “According to the decree, the heating season should last until the end of May, and we are, of course, ready to resume heat supply without delay when the colder weather returns,” said Petr Fajmon, CEO of Teplárny Brno. “However, according to the forecast, it seems that 6 May may be the last day of the 2021/22 season. But even if today’s supply interruption is also the end of the season, this is not extraordinary compared to the long-term average.”

From last October to the end of April this year, Teplárny Brno sold 3 million GJ of heat, which is about 9% less than last year. The average temperature of this period was 5.1°C, which is 0.7°C more than in the same period last year, and 0.5°C above the 15-year average. For the entire period from last October to the end of April this year, there were only 22 days with an average daily temperature below 0°C, which is the lowest in history. Of the individual months, the winter months in particular (ie. December – February) were significantly warmer, with an average temperature of 2.4 ° C, comparable to the previous record period of December to February 2019/20.

According to the decree from the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, the heating season always starts on 1 September and lasts until 31 May of the following year. However, the commencement, interruption and termination of the heat supply is based on the average daily outdoor air temperatures and the weather forecast according to the CHMI. Heating plants start supplying heat if the average daily temperature drops below 13 degrees Celsius for two consecutive days and no temperature rise is expected the next day. The heat supply is interrupted or terminated if the average daily outdoor air temperature rises above +13 ° C for two consecutive days.

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