Construction of Čebín Bypass Opened Last Monday, Due For Completion At The End of 2023

On Monday, 2 May, the construction of the Čebín bypass on the II/385 road was inaugurated. The by-pass is being built due to the constantly increasing traffic in the already congested Čebín area. The new road is therefore intended to divert transit traffic away from the built-up area of the village. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, May 9 (BD) – “The construction company has started by digging up the topsoil so that the archaeological survey can begin. The construction will also include two noise barriers with a total length of 1.5 km,” said Roman Hanák, Director of the South Moravian Road Administration and Maintenance Agency.

The 3.7km road will be constructed southwest of the village of Čebín, mostly on agricultural land outside the built-up area. In the future, the northern bypass of Hradčany is planned to be connected to this construction. The symbolic laying of the foundation stone was attended by representatives of the South Moravian Region, the South Moravian Regional Road Administration and Maintenance and representatives of Metrostav Infrastructure, which is carrying out the construction work.

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The symbolic laying of the foundation stone took place on Monday, 2 May. Photo credit: JMK

“I believe that we will catch up with the initial delays, and people not only in Čebín but also in the adjacent villages will appreciate the construction of the bypass. Due to the European subsidies, we must keep to the deadline for completion of the construction, which means the first cars will drive on the new bypass at the end of 2023,” said Jiří Crha, the South Moravian Regional councillor for transport.

“We have a clearly defined project documentation for the construction,” added Jiří Salava, Regional Director of Metrostav Infrastructure. “In the following weeks we will be hiding the topsoil and by the end of June we will be carrying out archaeological research. At the same time, work will be carried out on the pilot foundation of the bridge and on the subsoil modifications of the embankment bodies.” 

“The Čebín bypass is our largest regional road construction this year,” said Jan Grolich, Governor of South Moravia. “Its total cost exceeds CZK 430 million. Other larger new similar projects are also planned, mainly bypasses of municipalities that are heavily burdened by transit traffic. Specifically, the Blučina bypass will cost CZK 800 million, the Brno Tuřany bypass will cost CZK 300 million, and the Hradčany bypass will cost CZK 280 million, and should be connected to the Čebín bypass that has just been started.” 

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