Registration Underway For Brno Primary Schools and Kindergartens; Ukrainian Children Can Apply From June

Registration is currently underway at primary and kindergarten schools in Brno. Parents can apply for several schools at the same time. There are 4,581 places available in primary schools and 3,047 in kindergartens. The city administration guarantees places in kindergartens for all children aged three and over in Brno. Registration for Ukrainian children will begin after registration for Brno children ends. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, May 11 (BD) – “We will accept all the children registered in primary schools,” said Petr Hladík, 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno. “We have sufficient capacity for three-year-olds and over in kindergartens. In recent years, we have been significantly increasing the capacity of Brno kindergartens to cope with the growing number of newborn children. For example, we have newly opened kindergartens in Soběšice, Žebětín and Vinohrady. As every year, however, it is true that there will be a big struggle for places in specific kindergartens. However, there is sufficient capacity throughout Brno and every child is guaranteed a place in his or her recruitment area. Nevertheless, we will build more kindergartens to be ready for the next strong year groups.” 

Once registration for Brno children ends, registration for children who fled the war in Ukraine will begin. Brno is preparing a school building on Jánská with a capacity of 540 pupils for primary education. The kindergartens are full to capacity.

“Currently we cannot estimate how many Ukrainian children and pupils will come to register in kindergartens and primary schools,” Hladík added. “The situation is developing very dynamically. For the area of primary education, the City of Brno will prepare a school building at Jánská 22 with a capacity of 540 pupils. The city administration will decide which primary school with free capacity in the school register will take over this building as a remote site. Pre-school education for children from 3-6 years is characterized by insufficient capacity. The best solution seems to us to be the construction of modular kindergartens, but in this respect it is important that the construction is also supported by the state.” 

Brno has so far admitted almost 1,300 Ukrainian pupils to primary schools.

“Ukrainian pupils are attending 61 schools in Brno, with the largest number attending the so-called Ukrainian school on Cacovicka, currently 135 children. Two other schools, the Waldorf School in Žabovřesky and the Armenian Primary School, are running adaptation groups aimed at preparing Ukrainian children to enter Czech schools. The capacity of these groups is 320 children,” said Hladík.

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