Kraví Hora To Host Awareness-Raising Event For The Fight Against Strokes

On Tuesday, 24 May, an event in Brno’s Kraví hora Park will raise awareness of the fight against strokes. In the Czech Republic, 6,000 people of all ages die each year from strokes. Photo: event for World Stroke Day. Credit: Act Fast

Brno, May 19  (BD) – Awareness of strokes is generally low in our population, especially among children and adolescents. The consequences of a stroke may not be so fatal if a diagnosis is recognized early and first aid is given promptly. A public health group led by the International Centre for Clinical Research at St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) is therefore promoting awareness of this serious health threat with an event at Kraví hora on 24 May, featuring a FAST run and the rap artist Jakub Rafael, aka MC Gey. The Brno artist composed and shot the clip “Koutek”, which introduces young people to the issue of strokes in an open and engaging way.

An entertaining program for the public and schools will take place on Kraví hora from 10am to 3pm. First, the FAST run will be launched, an event for primary school students. The name FAST run comes from the so-called FAST method, which helps the public remember the symptoms of strokes: F for face, with the drop of one corner and eyelid; A for arms, with those affected unable to keep both hands and forearms at the same height; S for speech, meaning confused, incomprehensible answers to simple questions or difficulty understanding them; and T for time. If even only one indicator is noticed, the emergency services must be called immediately on number 155.

“This is an absolutely unique opportunity to learn how to react to acute illnesses in the field,” said Hana Maršálková, the organiser of the event and the head of the FNUSA-ICRC Public Health Group. “Competitors will pass five stations on the track, where in simulated situations, they will have to help a rescuer with a certain health problem, such as a stroke. We are organising the event for the fourth time and the children agree in feedback that it is a lifelong experience.”

The event takes place under the auspices of the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, and the Brno-střed district. The partners of the FAST run are the Rescue Service and the Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Music will be provided by the band Čohanas and the main star, Brno rapper MC Gey, who will present the theme song of the day, “Koutek”, which is about the symptoms of strokes. “The brain can’t go in a clogged artery, it’s good to know what, when pepka knocks, the three main symptoms, so I knock them down”, are the opening lyrics of the song, whose name is derived from the drooping corner of the mouth, one of the key symptoms. 

“When we were thinking about how to report a stroke in our project, which focuses on the prevention of serious diseases in excluded localities, we decided on a rap song to bring the topic closer to young people. It is the younger generation that is often the one that could help the most, but is less informed about diseases that do not yet concern them,” said Maršálková.

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