Lužánky Municipal Swimming Stadium To Close On 1 July; Scheduled To Reopen In May 2023

The Lužánky municipal swimming stadium will be closed from Friday 1 July due to construction work. The expected opening date for the upgraded venue is at the end of May 2023. Photo credit: Lužánky  Municipal Swimming Stadium

Brno, May 20 (BD) – The swimming area at Lužánky will undergo significant modifications and expansion. After the completion of the renovations, the facility will have two swimming pools, with a new 25-metre pool to complement the existing 50-metre pool.

During the shutdown of the swimming stadium, repairs are also planned for the ceiling of the 50-metre swimming pool. The councillors approved the announcement of a public tender for a contractor on Wednesday. 

The work will include insulation of the roof, installation of a new suspended ceiling and repair of its supporting structure as well as replacement of lighting in the main hall of the swimming stadium. The public contract has an estimated value of more than CZK 35 million, and was approved on 18 May by Brno City Council. The new pool will significantly expand the possibility of fitness swimming in Brno, and will also be used for school swimming lessons. Not only the pool will be renovated, but also its surroundings, entrance and adjacent parking lot. The expected completion date of this phase of the project is May 2023.

“According to a structural assessment from 2019, the condition of some of the supporting structures of the ceiling above the swimming pool is already in a state of disrepair,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. “The cause is an inappropriate technical solution causing poor ventilation and a breach of the integrity of the vapour barrier. Increased humidity has thus caused corrosion of the supporting steel elements of the roof as well as degradation of the wooden panels in the upper shell, which are excessively bowed. A complete repair of the roof structure was therefore necessary.”

In order to minimize the time that the pool is closed, the reconstruction has been planned in parallel with other works on the modernization of the complex. The new 25-metre swimming pool will be connected to the existing technology and the diving tower and diving boards will be reconstructed at the same time. The work on the ceiling repair should start in July 2022 and will last approximately 9 months.

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