Mikulov Marathon Brings Together Czech, Austrian and Ukrainian Runners

The Czech-Austrian Marathon Association will start several races in Mikulov on Saturday 28 May. Those interested will be able to take part not only in the classic marathon, but also in the half marathon, the Mikulov Ten and the family run, which is a non-competitive run for the whole family. This event has a simple goal, to answer the question: “Do we need borders today?”. Photo credit: Martina Koubková

Brno, May 20 (BD) – The first idea to organize the Czech-Austrian Marathon was born two years ago, in the spring of 2020. But the idea of connecting the two countries and removing the border between them did not disappear. The event went ahead in 2021 with the options of a classic marathon, half marathon, decathlon and family run, just like this year.

“Given the current situation of the war in Ukraine, we decided to dress this year’s event in Ukrainian colours in order to support the runners of that country. We have also newly invited the League for Wheelchair Rights to help us realize the race and possibly also participate in the race,” said race organizer Karel Kosina.

The aim of the whole project is to deepen the relations and cooperation between Lower Austria and the South Moravian Region, between Mikulov and other bordering Austrian municipalities. The marathon aims to promote mutual recognition, networking and building good neighbourly relations, tourism, local business and healthy lifestyle. Another important motivation is to showcase Pálava, Mikulov and Lower Austria as a unique area of the South Moravian Region, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Those interested in the marathon and other runs can register on the website on www.behybezhranic.cz. There they can also find other information, such as the route of the races and their descriptions.

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