Macy Gray Brings New Album “The Reset” To The Czech Republic, With Her New Band

The eclectic singer, songwriter and actress Macy Gray is back with a new album “The Reset”, with her new band The California Jet Club. This 11-track album, produced by Tommy Parker, reveals Gray’s lyrical introspection and vocal vibrancy. The songs range from her signature vulnerable intimacy on lead single “Thinking of You”, through the epic orchestral ballad “You Got Away” to the bouncy vocal takeoff of “Every Night” with special guest, rapper Maine. Photo credit: Live Nation

Czech Republic, May 20 (BD) – Setting this album apart from the previous ten studio albums in Gray’s catalogue, it features the full participation of the members of her touring band, drummer Tamir Barzilay, keyboardist Billy Wes and bassist Alex Kyhn. All three appear as multi-instrumentalists, co-writers and background singers. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in June 2021, Tamir was seen playing guitar and drums simultaneously. 

Macy Gray & The California Jet Club will perform in Brno at Sono Centrum on 30 October, and in the large hall at Prague’s Lucerna on 31 October. More information regarding the show is available on  

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