Cold Winds From Germany Bring Showers and Falling Temperatures To The Czech Republic

Rain showers are forecast across the country on Tuesday and Wednesday. Average temperatures will drop by 2-3 degrees throughout the week. Overcast skies are expected over the weekend, but without rain. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, 23 May (BD) – This week will be cooler due to the arrival of cold winds from Germany into Bohemia. Temperatures are still expected to remain around the May average of 20 to 25 degrees. Precipitation in the form of showers is expected, probably between Wednesday and Thursday. 

The beginning of the week is expected to be partly cloudy to nearly clear, with increasing clouds from the west later in the day. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will change from cloudy to overcast, with showers or drizzle in most areas and isolated thunderstorms. Expected night-time low temperatures will be between 15 and 10 °C and maximum daily highs will range from 17 to 23 °C.

Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies are expected for the rest of the week, with a chance of scattered passing showers and isolated showers in the north of the country, and mild to fresh west to northwest winds. The weekend could see lower temperatures, with cloudy skies and a 20 percent lower chance of rainfall.

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