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Strawberry Picking Season Begins At South Moravia’s “Pick-Your-Own” Farms

The strawberry season has started! You can find them at the supermarket, your local grocery store or at roadside stands, but many also enjoy picking their own strawberries at South Moravia’s ‘pick-your-own’ farms. Photo credit Freepik

Brno, June  5 (BD) – There are approximately 100 strawberry fields in the Czech Republic from which strawberries are sold, self-picked, or both, including 10 in South Moravia. Some growers even sell seedlings.

Local growers grow different varieties than the imported strawberries you can find in the shops all year round. Local strawberries are also less suitable for transport but have better sensory qualities, especially taste, aroma and colour.

Self-picked strawberries are popular worldwide, especially in the Czech Republic, neighbouring countries and Hungary. South Moravia offers a number of these fields, but even if you don’t want to pick strawberries, many offer already picked strawberries for sale. This year, the season started on 28 April in Otmarov, where only seedlings were on sale. 

Strawberry prices this year are likely to remain at last year’s levels or slightly higher (about CZK 70 per kilo when picked by the customers themselves).

On the website you can find strawberry growers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia sorted by region and visualised on the national maps, so you can find locations in your area. But be quick, as many have already been booked solid!

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