Design Chosen For New Park In Černovická Sands, Combining Nature, Leisure, and Places to Relax

In the next few years, the first steps to creating a new park in the Černovická sands area will be taken, based on a design by the team of landscape architect Radek Prokes, which imagined “a combination of park and nature area, a place for people and nature”. The design was selected by an expert jury at the end of April, and the results were presented to Brno City Council last week. Credit: Brno Architect Office

Brno, 8 June (BD) – The winning team consisted of Radek Prokes, Martina Havlová, Eva Wagnerová, Veronika Hladíková and the architectural studio Gogolák + Grasse. Their aim was “not to suppress and destroy the uniqueness of the Černovická sands, but on the contrary to support the local character and create a natural park of urban importance. A park where nature is not displaced, but influenced and moderated in a way that strengthens its uniqueness. A place that people, animals and plants will enjoy side by side.” 

In the next few years, the first stage of a new park in the Černovická sands will be built according to their winning competition design. The expert jury selected the design at the end of April, and the results were presented to the Brno City Council at its meeting last week.

“The winning design has two undeniable strengths,” said Michal Sedláček, Director of the City Architect’s Office and a member of the jury. “It perceives the space of the sands in the context of the whole of Brno. It seeks to ensure that the design of the future park between Černovice, Slatina and Tuřany relates to the surrounding landscape and the structure of the city, reflecting the visual links and the surrounding buildings. At the same time, it works authentically with the terrain and natural wealth. The proposed landscaping will allow for the perception of space in the detail of the sands and unusual views of the entire city.”

“Personally, I am pleased that Brno citizens were also able to comment on the design of the space in the online poll,” said Petr Hladík, 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno. “We also respected their wishes, and therefore the architects worked with the requirements to preserve wild nature as much as possible and to create a place for relaxation and recreation.” 

Hladík added that over 40 protected species of birds, animals, and plants live on the site. “In addition to them, we also need to think about reconciling the interests of landowners, representatives of municipal districts, and gardeners. Thanks to the results of the competition, however, we will be able to open up the space of this planned largest park to the citizens of Brno and at the same time show respect for nature, which deserves it.”

The gardening colony will be cultivated, expanded and supplemented, and a sports centre will be added. Homes will be spread throughout the area. The area around the Sand Dunes – an informal children’s playground – the sunbathing area and the amphitheatre will become a centre for meeting and play. Viewpoints, observation towers and peepholes in the exterior walls will also be included in the design, featuring among them a look-out mound named Dlouhý lis (“Long Press”). The design is complemented by grazing animals and a mini-zoo.

All the competition proposals will be presented to the public at an exhibition in the Brno Urban Centre at the Old Town Hall. The opening ceremony, attended by the winning team, will take place on 16 June at 6pm.

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