Police Issue Advice To Citizens On European Anti-Burglary Day

The holiday season is the time of the year when properties are most at risk of burglary. The European Anti-Burglary Day campaign, held today, 15 June, draws attention to potential dangers and how to prevent them. Photo credit: Městská policie Brno, oficiální stránka on FB

Brno, June 15 (BD) – Locking doors, closing windows, and securing balconies may seem like a seemingly pointless exercise, especially when leaving the apartment only briefly. However, the statistics are clear that these risks are not to be underestimated. Not everyone knows that it takes a skilled burglar less than five seconds to get through an ordinary door and only a quarter of a minute to outwit an unlocked security door. Breaking through a window vent or balcony door usually takes a burglar only one minute. A new campaign, including advice published on the www.stopvloupani.cz website, shows that prevention is important.

“Although the number of residential burglaries in the Czech Republic and across Europe has been declining in recent years, this is still one of the most frequent crimes,” said Michal Barbořík, Director of the Crime Prevention Department at the Czech Ministry of the Interior. “This campaign points attention to the fact that you need to think about home security at all times, as offenders can take advantage of the fact that you have gone on holiday, or that you have just popped out to a restaurant or to do some shopping. Security is not only about technical measures, but mainly about our normal behaviour and habits.” 

The campaign underlines that prevention is the best solution, and that it starts with observing the basic rules. Maintaining good neighbourly relations comes in handy, and it is not difficult to ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home, by visually inspecting it and also collecting the mail in your absence. But this alone is not enough. The possibility of a break-in is significantly reduced by properly chosen home security equipment. It is ideal to combine mechanical security (security doors, locks, security foils, etc.) with electronic elements (alarms, cameras, etc.). Not only to increase your sense of security, but also for the sake of potential insurance claims, it is a good idea to choose from certified products.

If, despite all precautions, you return home to find that your home has been broken into, never enter the house yourself. The culprit may still be on site and you could also contaminate any potential clues. The best thing to do is call 158 immediately.

This year, European Burglary Prevention Day is accompanied by the slogans “Make sure it’s only the chef who surprises you that night” and “Don’t let your dream holiday become a nightmare”.

Whether and how safe an apartment building is depends mostly on the people who live there. Locks, bars or alarms and cameras are important, but only as a supporting measure. It is best to combine modern security technology and your attention, consideration and solidarity to make your home a Safe Address. This is the name of a project launched a few years ago by the Brno City Police, whose free manual summarises the basic recommendations for safe living.

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