Uprostřed Festival Brings Live Music To The Courtyards, Squares and Streets of Brno From June To September 

For the sixth year, the Uprostřed city festival will bring the centre of Brno to life throughout the summer. From June to September, more than 40 diverse events will fill the courtyards, squares and streets of the city with live music, theatre and other performances, living up to Brno’s status as a UNESCO Creative City of Music. Photo credit: UPROSTŘED festival archives.

Brno, June 24 (BD) – The Uprostřed festival is not only about culture, but also about bringing together different people regardless of age or cultural taste. For this purpose, many different Brno cultural organisations were approached, including clubs, associations and civic groups, creating a unique co-production in terms of production and dramaturgy, a “cocktail” of artists and performers that may not otherwise be found at the same festival.

The festival is aimed at those who want to have fun after work; it is accessible and open to everyone, free of charge in various locations around the Brno-Central district. This year’s event will feature more than 40 diverse events from June to September. 

“Summer in Brno will once again be about meeting and connecting people, genres and moods,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO, organisers of the festival. “The dramaturgy of the festival is not about mass events, but about a relaxed atmosphere, about making the centre really come alive, so that you can find something interesting at every step and every day. Stop by, dance, meet friends. We are creating a city for people who live and have fun in it, and where visitors are also comfortable.” 

More than 40 diverse shows will take place between June and September; several of them will take place in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. Photo credit: UPROSTŘED festival archives.

The concerts will include Hungarian and Romani tunes by Hazafele, the Swing Kong Orchestra livening up the courtyard of the Old Town Hall with music from the 1930s and 1940s, the Brno band Golden Delicious, traditional Irish melodies from the band Dálach, or folk songs with a dulcimer by the Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments. 

“Swing, funk, rock, pop, songwriters, folk and folklore – at Uprostřed you will get to know many local Brno bands of various genres, but also much more. You can expect theatre, site-specific performances, dance halls, summer screenings, architectural walks, afternoons for children or even hydrotherapy,” added Tomáš Pavčík, director of co-organisers Kávéeska.

The detailed programme can be found at https://festivaluprostred.cz 

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