State Security Council Awards 2022 Presented By Prime Minister Petr Fiala

This week at the Liechtenstein Palace, in the presence of Prime Minister Petr Fiala, State Security Council awards were presented to Jiří Růžek, Martin Povejšil, and Jaromír Tkadleček for their contributions to the security of the Czech Republic. Photo credit: 

Czech Republic, June 26 (BD) – The State Security Council Award is an award given annually by the State Security Council for significant contributions in the field of security and defence policy or for active work in the security community, as well as for lifetime achievement in the field of Czech security and defence policy. The award is given to individuals and collectives in the general and student categories.

The 2022 Award in the general category went to Colonel Jiří Růžek, who participated in the birth, construction, and anchoring of the Czechoslovak and then Czech intelligence services in post-communist Czechoslovakia. As a ranking intelligence officer he became director of the Military Defence Security and Intelligence Service, which he managed effectively for many years.

Also receiving recognition was Martin Povejšil. During his many years in the ranks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Povejšil held a number of important management positions both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He contributed significantly to the definition, development, and implementation of the Czech Republic’s foreign security policy and supported the Czech Republic’s accession to NATO and the EU. 

The third recipient of the award was Colonel Jaromír Tkadleček, for his outstanding contribution in the implementation of security measures after the explosion of the ammunition depots in Vlachovice-Vrbětice. Tkadleček became director of the Regional Police Directorate of the Zlín region in 2014, after the explosion of the Vlachovice-Vrbětice ammunition depot. He took command of the entire security response implemented by the integrated rescue system, remaining in post for six years until 2020.

The awards were presented to the winners by Prime Minister Petr Fiala. “We awarded the State Security Council Award for significant contributions in the field of the Czech Republic’s security policy to three personalities who never forgot that security is important, and even in times when the Czech Republic was not threatened, they worked to ensure that our citizens could feel safe,” said Fiala.

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