View of the interior of elementary school.

Green Roof Installed At Arménská Primary School

Before the end of the school year, another school in Brno managed to create a green roof. Thanks to a subsidy from the City of Brno, the Brno-Bohunice municipal district installed a roof garden at the Arménská Primary School. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, June 29 (BD) – “The roof on the south side of the Arménská Primary School serves as a connection between the buildings, but the schoolchildren also use it as an outdoor shelter in the school’s courtyard,” said Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), First Deputy Mayor of Brno. “The structure of this roof dates to 1974, and the 50 years since then have taken a considerable toll on it. It was therefore necessary to remove all layers down to the supporting structure. 182 square metres of green stonecrop carpets were set down to replace the roofing.” 

The roof of the Arménská Primary School is the first green roof implemented by the Brno-Bohunice municipal district. “The roof on one of the buildings of the Arménská Primary School was reaching the end of its useful life and needed to be reconstructed soon,” said Antonín Crha, Mayor of the Brno-Bohunice district. “We decided to use the opportunity to create a green roof, which will help retain water and cool the interior of the building. Another positive is that this extensive green roof is easily visible from the windows of the school classrooms, which contributes to the overall positive atmosphere of the school.” 

The new roof structure at the primary school is now composed of green mats with trellises on a coconut carrier, an extensive substrate, a separation layer, thermally bonded building boards made of recycled polyester, a separation and protection layer, waterproofing, a needle-punched geotextile, and a primer. The existing lime-cement lower layer was kept. The cost of the roof is CZK 1.694 million, of which CZK 1.08 million was subsidised by the City of Brno.

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