SILVA Artis: Austrian-Czech Arts Project To Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Lower Austria

As part of the 100th anniversary of Lower Austria, the cross-border exhibition SILVA Artis, sponsored by the state of Lower Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum, will take place at the Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague and in the Ambit of the Franciscan Monastery. The exhibition will be open from 11 July to 22 September, from Monday until Friday, 10am to 5pm. Photo credit: Das Kunstmuseum Wardviertel

Czech Republic, July 17 (BD) – The SILVA Artis concept is based on a series of exhibitions and events that pay homage to the common cultural space of the Northern Forest (Silva Nortica). Over time, this forest has held together a landscape separated by humans, where “the joy of nature cannot be suppressed by the reality of history”. The exhibition features 18 artists representing the provinces of Lower Austria, Southern Bohemia and Vysočina, who interpret the nature and landscape of their regions in their work, as the common basis of life and source of identity.

This exhibition intends to immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the forest and its inner laws. Economically, ecologically and artistically, interest in the forest is more relevant than ever. Many Austrian and Czech artists are gravitating towards this topic, all in a personal way, and from different perspectives, but united by love for nature.

Many different artists from Czech Republic and Austria are presenting their work during this exhibition, amid interest in forests that is stronger than ever. What unites them is the love for their forest, for nature. Photo credit: Das Kunstmuseum Wardviertel

The Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum’s mission statement is as a regional centre for nurturing, cultivating, and building up culture. The exhibition was created and assembled with the cooperation of the gallery of Vysočina in Jihlava, as well as support from the state of Lower Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.

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