Fiala highlighted the “significant differences of opinion” between the two governments on foreign policy. Credit:

Czech Republic Welcomes Foreign Journalists To Discuss Issues Related To Ukraine

From 7-10 July, more than 50 journalists from all EU member states, Ukraine and the United States came to Prague, on a visit organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and government agencies to introduce the Czech Presidency of the Council of Europe and discuss issues related to the war in Ukraine. Photo: Prime minister Petr Fiala. Credit:

Czech Republic, July 18 (BD) – During the four-day trip, journalists first met Prime Minister Petr Fiala and selected ministers for an informal dinner at the Liechtenstein Palace. On the second day, the visitors met ministers and deputy ministers from across the government. The main topics of discussion were Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, plans to rebuild the war-torn country, and the future outlook for Ukraine in the EU.

“Good communication with the media is crucial to the success of the Czech Presidency,” said Fiala. “As chair of the EU Board of Directors, we have not only priorities for the next six months, but also Czech culture, gastronomy, and Europe. We presented the roots of this identity to journalists from influential world newspapers and other well-known media.”

Journalists also met Markéta Pekarová Adamová, Speaker of the Czech Parliament, David Smoljak, Chairman of the Senate for EU Affairs, and Yevhen Perebyjnis, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic. They also visited the headquarters of Radio Free Europe. “The second part of the program introduced the Czech crystal tradition to media representatives. During their visit to Liberec, they became acquainted with the world-famous tradition of our glass production,” said Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates).

The visit ended with discussion of assistance to Ukraine, the Czech President’s top priority during its presidency. Journalists saw for themselves two projects to help Ukrainian refugees, the Background Café and Nora Fridrichovás Šatník (Wardrobe). “Czechs are showing great solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. The Czech Republic has raised CZK 3 billion in funding from the public alone. I have shown the journalists two projects, but there are hundreds more,” added Lipavský.

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