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South Moravian Region Allocates Funds To Save Small Businesses In Villages

The Obchůdek 2021+ programme was approved today by regional councillors, and includes the allocation of CZK 4 million for small businesses struggling to stay open in rural villages. Photo credit: Freepik 

Czech Republic, July 22 (BD) – The programme also includes measures to boost rural development and maintain the quality of life in the South Moravian countryside, according to Deputy Governor of South Moravia Jan Zámečník. “We want to maintain rural food shops in places where there is only one shop with a range of food products and which is not able to continue operating on its own without support,” he added.

The Obchůdek 2021+ subsidy programme was announced by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade last year. The South Moravian Region will pre-finance grants to beneficiaries and then submit a reimbursement request to the Ministry within a set deadline. In South Moravia, applicants can apply for aid of up to CZK 100,000 in this way. The subsidies are aimed at shop owners in municipalities with up to 1,000 inhabitants or in local districts with up to 3,000 inhabitants where such shops are at risk of extinction.

The South Moravian Region pre-finances grants to the beneficiaries of the scheme, and must subsequently submit an application for reimbursement from the ministry. Last year alone, it allocated CZK 4 million to save rural stores in municipalities of up to 750 inhabitants. Last year, 95 applicants received the regional subsidy. This year, the 5th year of the programme, the region will divide CZK 3.7 million between 81 applicants.

You can find the 2021+ grant programme on the website:

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